Geocaching in Northwest Michigan

Geocachers, get ready. Northwest Michigan is a treasure of great geocaching opportunities.

Geocaching, a real-world, treasure hunting game that has devoted followers across the world. The hunters use GPS-enabled devices and navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates using the Internet to find the coordinates. Then the hunters head to the location to find the geocache container hidden at that location. Inside the containers are trinkets and the hunters take one and leave one of their own and sign the log book.

Guidelines are simple: if you take something from the cache, leave something, and don't damage the environment. To find nearby geocaches, enter a zipcode at Geocache Coordinates and the list of treasure spots will give you many Northwest Michigan hunts to locate.

Northwest Michigan's many geocache spots may combine hiking, birding, wildlife and wildflower sighting, and more. There are several active geocaching clubs. Visiting geocachers love treasure hunting in Northwest Michigan. There are dozens and dozens of caches hidden around Northwest Michigan and hunting is a great family activity. Get out the GPS and go hunting!

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